The EU-Turkey Association Agreement text, also known as the Ankara Agreement, is a vital agreement between the European Union and Turkey, signed in 1963. The agreement aims to promote and strengthen economic and commercial relations between the two parties.

The Ankara Agreement comprises six main sections, with the first section outlining the scope of the agreement, which covers trade in goods and services, as well as cooperation in areas such as transport, agriculture, and social policy.

The second section of the agreement establishes a customs union between Turkey and the EU, which allows for the free movement of goods between the two parties with no tariffs and minimal restrictions.

The third section of the agreement sets out the rules for the movement of people between Turkey and the EU, including provisions for the free movement of workers, self-employed individuals, and service providers.

The fourth section focuses on cooperation in areas such as education, research, and cultural exchanges, with the aim of promoting closer ties between Turkey and the EU.

The fifth section addresses issues related to competition policy, state aid, and intellectual property rights, with the aim of ensuring fair competition between businesses in Turkey and the EU.

Finally, the sixth section outlines the institutional framework for the implementation of the agreement, including the establishment of a joint committee and dispute resolution mechanisms.

The EU-Turkey Association Agreement text has been amended several times since it was first signed, with the most recent amendment in 2019. The amendments have aimed to modernize and update the agreement in light of changes in the global economy and political landscape.

Despite occasional tensions between Turkey and the EU, the Ankara Agreement remains a crucial element of the relationship between the two parties. By promoting economic cooperation and closer ties, the agreement has helped to foster stability and prosperity in the region.

In conclusion, the EU-Turkey Association Agreement text is a vital agreement that establishes a customs union and promotes economic, cultural, and social cooperation between Turkey and the European Union. Despite occasional challenges, the agreement remains an important element of the relationship between the two parties.

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