Did you know?

Almond hulls/shells are a by-product of the almond processing industry. Almond hull consists of the outer covering of the almond and shell and the shell is the fibrous casing from around the kernel. They are competitively priced and can significantly reduce your overall forage costs.

The nutritive or energy value of average hull/shells is about equivalent to early bloom Lucerne hay and about 70% the value of barley on an energy basis and are a valuable source of digestible fibre and sugars and can improve fat tests.

Almond hull/shells can be fed alone to balance rations. They can also be combined with a protein source and can nutritionally replace expensive grain or hay. Almond hull/shells can be added to silage, as a silage stretcher where they absorb moisture and reduce run off.

Dairy cattle love to eat almond hull/shells, as well as being very digestible and palatable to livestock, they are available all year round, are a cost effective feed in drought situations and eliminate the need to tie your money up in the hay shed.

Interestingly Sheep, Pigs and Emus also have been successfully fed using almond hull and shell in their diets.

With the introduction of a quality assurance system, a consistent, high quality product exists. This involved research, investment and regular feed testing to analyse the hulls.

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