Receival Pit

The almonds arrive from the field and are tipped into a receival pit via our custom designed pit tipper.  Trucks are able to ‘tip and go’, allowing for most effective use of transport.


The almonds are elevated up from the pit, go through a desticker/detwigger, destoner and then go through the pre huller. They are then stored in silos until they are scheduled to enter the main plant, which will occur within the next 12 hours.

Hulling Air Legs

From the storage silos the almonds are transported by auger to the hulling section. The hull is removed by passing through beaters in a hulling cylinder. The loose hull is then removed by aspirator and air-leg suction. The in-shell almonds are then either sent to the in-shell sorting deck for sorting, cleaning, or progressed through to the shear rolls.

Shelling Section & Control Room

The shelling section extracts the kernel from the shell.  Inshell almonds pass under rubber coated shear rolls. Inshell almonds progress through the shear rolls until the kernel is extracted.  Air extraction and gravity tables remove any foreign material from the kernel.

The processing plant is fully automated and controlled through computer operated PLC’s.


Finally the kernel travels over the sizer into storage bins of 7 different sizes.