Capital planning for 2015
Planning has started for the 2015 season and projects include the installation of a Pre Hulling Deck to help remove loose hull prior to hulling and shelling. This should help improve throughput and quality. Another project will be to extend our shed roof area to cover our loading bay for finished goods dispatch. The area will be around 35 m2and will cover most of the concreted loading area that is in place now.

Season to Date
Nonpareil is now complete and we are hulling Carmel before moving onto Price. The season is on time to our roster which should have all hulling and shelling completed by mid to late July.

Orchard Trash
We have seen a big reduction in Orchard Trash delivered this season. Orchard trash costs growers a lot of money in transport charges, so the less we receive the lower your costs can be for transport. Laragon receives around 2400 tonnes of orchard trash each season, so any reduction helps us manage this ever growing stock pile.

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